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What we do

  • Pre - employment checks
  • View, Check and Record required documents
  • Professional checks at required intervals
  • Manage reminders for documents/checks that need renewing

Measures of success

  • Legal and industry requirements met
  • Safer recruitment practice consistently followed
  • All staff are properly qualified and remain compliant

As a business owner or HR professional, it is essential to feel confident that your recruitment practices meet compliance requirements for your industry. In today's business world, compliance is an essential factor that should always be considered. It is not just about following the rules and regulations, but it also helps to avoid any legal issues that could lead to expensive lawsuits, fines, and reputational damage. It is crucial to ensure that compliance is integrated into every aspect of the business to protect the company's interests and maintain a positive image in the industry. By prioritizing compliance, businesses can build trust with customers and stakeholders while avoiding any legal ramifications.

With over 20 years of experience in recruitment, our team has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the requirements for compliant recruitment. We specialise in offering tailor-made solutions to manage compliant recruitment practices, including remote assistants who can help you meet your compliance requirements. 

We will ensure that all relevant documents are examined and collated, and all professional checks are conducted at required intervals to ensure that your recruitment practices are fully compliant.

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