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Why Grow Your Virtual Team?

Whether you are a well established company or a new business just starting out, there are huge benefits to BPO. By growing your virtual team, you cut staffing costs by an average of 30%, reduce the office space required, and scale your business with flexibility and control. Naturally, your business growth depends on happy customers – in working with us customer interactions will be of the highest quality and your administration will be efficiently managed. All of this inspires trust and loyalty from customers and great reviews!

We are proud of our growing partnerships.

We are proud of our track record

Steve Waters, inspired by Jeremy Hannay is supporting a movement to approach education in “another way”. A way which supports excellent practice without negatively impacting the well-being of teachers. He invites schools to invest in the “Teach Well Toolkit”

Suneta is working with several partners to deliver support for well-being to teachers and schools. We are proud to be an associate member and will also be delivering sessions.

Faversham tutors provide specialist tuition in English at GCSE and A Level, as well as additional support as needed. This can be done remotely or face-to-face and they are affiliated with The Tutors Association.

LetsLocalise has changed the face of giving in schools to benefit you, your students and your community. We enable your parents, alumni and local community including businesses and charities, to pledge time, resources and money through the UK’s only community-pledging digital platform for multiple schools.

We are very proud to be members of the Kent Invicta Chamber Of Commerce. We work with them to develop our network with local businesses so that we can provide advice and support to encourage growth and success.

Windmill Training offer a range of courses to help understand and manage Mental Health. They also provide bespoke courses to meet specific needs. They have worked with businesses and charities to create bespoke training as well as deliver nationally recognised courses that enable staff to recognise symptoms of poor mental health, how it can affect their clients and what they can do about it within their services.

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