How well do you know your business?


The value of an outsider’s perspective

Very often businesses and schools, from the inside, think their business and internal processes are running smoothly and although perhaps recognise areas for future development believe that they are as good as they can be for the time being; but is this really the case?


It is difficult to identify key issues within your business until someone from the outside, who sees things from a different perspective, comes in and recognises them. Usually, you are too comfortable with the systems in place and don’t realise the areas that could be improved.  Or alternatively you have an idea that something is not right, but feel that it is something that cannot be changed without significant disruption.  Invariably, your own assessment can fail to spot a causal link between processes, systems or resources. This poses the question ‘How well do you know your business?’. 

This being said, it is always great to get someone else’s point of view, whether this be to bounce ideas off of each other, getting a whole internal audit for your business, or just a general outsider’s perspective to identify your business headaches and areas for potential improvements.


There are a number of benefits to having an outsider’s perspective on your business:

  1. Other people’s point of view can be critical to progression and success
  2. Absence of bias - so therefore it is more credible
  3. Highlight any crucial compliance issues that may be otherwise missed
  4. More constructive if the review has been noticed and requested by the business, rather than enforced by an external body


Research shows that ‘63% of business owners lack professional advice on their business, which has a direct impact on their growth.’  Therefore, the need for a third-party perspective is proved necessary. 

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