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Our Concept

Lighten the load - focus on what matters

Lift the burden from your staff - improving well-being, feedback, success, productivity and revenue!

The concept behind Grow Virtual Ltd is to support schools and businesses in streamlining their administration to improve efficiency and customer service; so that schools can spend their ever-tightening budgets on staff/resources for improving teaching and learning and staff/student welfare, and businesses can focus on the quality and development of their product or service.

This can be achieved by developing a Virtual Team -  from Personal Assistants, to larger teams dedicated to specific business processes.

Invariably the biggest barrier to success for new and growing businesses, is the ability to ensure that key personnel are fully focused on their specific role. Administrative tasks are often disseminated amongst employees, due to limited funding, resources or experience.

With our expertise in recruitment and in the use of remote teams, we can provide a solution that resolves all of these issues.

Our commitment is to increasing accountability, accuracy and output, whilst reducing staffing and resourcing costs.  All of which results in productivity, efficiency, wellbeing and excellent ‘customer service’.  

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